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Full Disclosure: The Coming New World Order  

 Earthly leaders and politicians are speaking of a New World Order, which, they say, will solve all the world’s problems and usher in an age of global peace.  They speak of the economy, the ecology, the health care, the socialization, the science, the travel, the art  & architecture, and the politics of this New World Order.
The Bible predicts a New World Order.  A very different New World Order from the one envisioned here on earth, albeit, with the same components.  This heavenly New World Order will even have it’s own politics - very different from any politics we have ever experienced, or read about.
The sheer magnitude of its capital city are beyond comprehension.  
Explore a cryptic Bible prophecy about the New Jerusalem that maps the dimensions of its temple’s gates, porches, pillars and arches - a prophecy that outlined the framework for scientific measurements over two and a half millenia before modern science discovered these dimensions.