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Full Disclosure: The Universe Reveals Design 

"The universe we see when we look out to its furthest horizons contains a hundred billion galaxies. Each of these galaxies contains another hundred billion stars. That's 1022 stars all told. The silent embarrassment of modern astrophysics is that we do not know how even a single one of these stars managed to form." — Martin Harwit, "Book Reviews," Science, March 1986, pp. 1201-1202.
Throughout the universe, everywhere we look there is evidence of design.  With all the technology of human genius, we have been able to create a fusion reaction (such as occurs continuously on the sun) for 20 billionths of a second.  The problem is, then they have to let it cool down for hours before it can be fired again. In order to accumulate one second of time at this rate, would take 3000 years. With all this design technology, this is all they can accomplish and yet these billions of stars just accidently started fusion reactions all over the universe?   Jim Burr, telescope manufacturer, and amatuer astronomer, who has lectured on international television networks such as 3ABN and LLBN, discloses the evidence.


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